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Why Not! Image Carousel! Version 2 released! 😃 In this post, I will discuss some of the new features and some challenges I face during coding it.

What’s new in version 2?

There are many new features, changes, and modifications that come with version 2. Notable features/changes are —

  1. Custom view with View Binding support.

I am very excited to introduce version 2 of the Oops! No Internet! Android library.

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In this new version, we’ve restructured and refactored the whole library. The library is now using a lifecycle-aware component to show & hide the dialogs and snackbars, which will reduce code and many unexpected crashes…

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Do you know that creating an image carousel in Android is easier then you think! 😉

Recently in a project, I have to show some images for preview. I am thinking to use an image carousel library to show the images. But the library I found does not make me…

Yet another No Internet Dialog library for Android!

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A couple of months ago I found a library, called “NoInternetDialog”. It’s an awesome Android library to notify users when there is no active internet connection!

But the library is not currently maintained. And it has a serious crash issue! I wanted…

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