Android: Why Not use an Image Carousel if you have lots of images to show!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Do you know that creating an image carousel in Android is easier then you think! 😉

Recently in a project, I have to show some images for preview. I am thinking to use an image carousel library to show the images. But the library I found does not make me feel good 😑! They are old or have discontinued/old library dependency 🙄!

So I thought let’s try to make one 😁! Then I checkout the existing libraries source codes and I found that creating a carousel is a two-line code 😲!


To create a carousel (ViewPager like view) just attach a RecyclerView to a SnapHelper!

That’s it! Try it yourself…

Though you have to create a RecyclerView adapter, design item layout, which consists of ImageView, the ImageView should be fully match_parent in height and width, styling the view, adding indicator, adding navigator, listener……… 😒

For the lazy 😴…

That means to make everything work you have to write more codes. So to save you from that I create an image carousel library, Why Not! Image Carousel!

It’s simple to use and fully customizable.

How to use…

Add repository to the root build.gradle file:

Add dependencies to the module build.gradle file:

Replace X.X.X with the latest version of the library. Check out the latest release version from here.

Finally add the ImageCarousel to your XML layout:

Then add item to the carousel:

That’s all need to create the first carousel view in the following image:

Examples of Why Not! Image Carousel!

Feeling interesting 🤔? Then check out the details usage from the repository. A Sample project also included here, using both Kotlin and Java 😎.

Repository 👉

Sample 👉

Like it? then…

Use it… clone it… fork it… give PRs and finally, give a star to the repository and share it if you like…



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